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Have you been searching the world over for unique and credible pet content?

What if there was a way you could provide your readers with the most credible, accurate, and up-to-date pet care content possible? How much more money could you make? Pet owners can be very high-maintenance. They demand information that is factual and current. Can they trust your content? If they feel like you're providing them with information that could jeopardize the health of their pet, or if they've heard it all before, your competition is only a click away.

If you could hire the ideal ghostwriter for your pet related projects who would it be?

How about a combination of all the above?

That's me! As a licensed veterinary technician, I've spent years working with pet owners. I've worked in general practice, emergency medicine, and shelter medicine--there's isn't much I haven't seen! While doing so, I also became a published author and freelance writer. Why not let this experience work for you?

I know your audience better than any other writer.

I talk to pet owners everyday. I listen to their problems and offer solutions. I know exactly what issues are important to them. What makes them happy? What drives them crazy? What keeps them up at night? I can answer all these questions! Who better to help you with your internet marketing projects than someone who, for many years, has interacted face-to-face with your potential buyers on a daily basis?

The pet care niche is pretty huge right now and I can tell you that it always will be. In fact, according to the National Pet Product Manufactuers Assocation, 63% of U.S. households own a pet and in 2005, these pet owners spent over 36 billion dollars on their pets. Yes--36 BILLION dollars!

If you haven't jumped on the pet niche bandwagon yet you could be missing out! 36 billion dollars can be split MANY ways . . .

Tired of the same old pet content? My stuff won't make you snooze!

Tired of the same old pet content?

Let's face it--the majority of pet PLR you've seen lately is BORING! Who needs another article or report about how to train your dog?

Over the past few months I've been working on a number of pet related articles and reports. I could probably make a pretty penny using these articles and reports on the internet myself but I'm no marketer. That's your job! I'd rather just stick with writing. I'll leave all that marketing magic up to you!

Looking for writing samples? Please visit my Squidoo PLR lens at http://www.squidoo.com/petcareplr.

You'll want to check back often to see what my latest projects are. Or, fill out the form below and I'll send you a quick email if I have something new in the works. Don't worry--I'm not going to fill your inbox up with more spam. I'll only send you a message when I have an important annoucement to make.

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By the way, unless stated otherwise all my PLR content comes with the same terms of service. You have the right to alter my articles and reports in any way you see fit and can use them for any purpose other than to resell them as PLR content yourself!

Keep in mind that I work 40+ hours a week at my full-time job, so I will try to churn out as much content as humanly possible. However, this is NOT a get-your-gazillion-PLR-products-here kind of site. I'll take quality over quantity any day and I hope you do too!

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Pet Care Services Article Pack

Report: How to Save Money at the Vet (Including What the Online Pharmacies Don't Want You to Know!)

Pet Poop Article Pack

Report: Litterbox Problems in Cats

Report: Raw Food Diets


Report: Basic Housetraining of Puppies and Adult Dogs (Includes Littebox Info)

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me anytime. I'm here to make life easier and more profitable for you!

AKJones, LVT